Welcome to CASOAL

Alexandra Soria Castillo was born and raised in Madrid. Ambitious and with a great passion for design and fashion, she moved to Switzerland in 2015 and attended one of the most prestigious fashion and accessories design schools, Istituto Marangoni in Milan, where she was inspired to enter the world of luxury design. After a few years of work experience, in 2020 he created the CASOAL brand, extrapolating from his name CASTILLO SOria ALexandra and reassembling it in assonance with the "casual" style.

A lover of travel, sport and practicality, she felt the need to create an accessory that stripped away everything superfluous, combining taste, quality construction and simplicity in everyday use, from travelling to work to walking her dogs, which she loves so much. An accessory that allows us to always have the essentials at hand and to avoid dependence on bags, which we often fill with useless things that we don't even remember having, but which we constantly carry around like dead weight.

That is why we have created a bag that is suitable for all occasions, that is technologically advanced and that, in its simplicity, has everything you need to make your life easier.