Our main idea was to create a practical and multifunctional object for everyday life, encased in a simple but attractive bag design that can be easily combined with our different outfits, thanks also to the availability of colours and accessories. In addition to having a dedicated pocket for your mobile phone, our bag incorporates a power bank with a sophisticated design, allowing you to conveniently recharge your mobile phone at any time. In addition, specific pockets are included for documents and credit cards In addition to having a dedicated mobile phone pocket, our bag incorporates a power bank of sophisticated design, allowing you to conveniently charge your mobile phone at any time. In addition, it is equipped with special pockets for documents and credit cards.

  • Wireless Charger

  • USB Type-C Input

  • RFID Protection

  • Document Holder

  • Card Holder

  • Phone Holder

  • Synthetic Fabric

  • Built-in Power Bank

  • Zip Closure

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Unique Design

The true value of design lies in its essence, combining aesthetic values with functionality inspired to create uniqueness that we all consciously or unconsciously aspire to. An accessory, unique as our bag, is characterized by a combination of functional and constructional details and aesthetics (like the loop that recalls the “O” in Casoal, broken in the center), which makes it unique. This is because our identity is also made up of objects representing its coordinates and through which we express our taste and our way of seeing and living in the world.

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The Symbol

The Circle. Symbol of life

“The idea of the circle has its origins in my surname, specifically from the “O” in CASOAL. The circle symbolizes the beginning of everything – the sun, the earth, the moon, and all the things that nourish our hearts with a beginning and an end, and everything ultimately comes full circle. It is a geometric shape that is connected to life and expands in different ways – in creativity, in spiritual action – something that comes from our soul and cannot be explained in words. The circle gives me a sense of security and strength. I wanted to develop this idea and represent it with two transversal lines to identify it with my brand, a small rounded bag supported by two loops on each side for the right balance, to simplify its appearance for our daily lives making it practical and comfortable. Life is an opportunity, why wasting it with complex elements?”

Shoulder straps